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Get to know us

"As the distance between being ahead and behind is equally long, we always focus on being ahead."

How we work

Green Shift Group is the preferred partner for Surveys, Technical Projects, and Management Consulting in the maritime, Offshore, and Energy Sectors. Green Shift Group and our close partners apply the unique combination of our proven best practices and management system to the organization to mobilize an extensive workforce and put the right teams in place for the challenges in these Sectors. 


As client requirements within the energy markets are complex, Green Shift Group will always try to ensure a successful service through transparency and mutual definition of success criteria if operating outside a pre-scoped service. 

Green Shift Group offers the best way to meet participants’ service requirements through tailored quotations based on mutually agreed scope and objectives:


  • Analysis and definition of clients’ requirements

  • We are presenting the most suitable surveyors or consultants based on SOP.

  • Issue of client approval (If a non-retaining client)

  • Issue of quotation, including the scoped requirement

  • Receipt of written purchase order

  • Issue of order confirmation

  • Issue information with attending personnel, contact details, ETA, and more.  

  • Issue of SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) contents and methods following service requirement

  • Present daily progress reports (If required)

  • Issue of comprehensive reports with the highest quality standards

  • Implementation of corrective action 

    We can constantly adjust our surveys and consultant services regarding duration and depth.

Key Performance Indicator 2024 (KPI's)

The GSG way 

The team behind Green Shift Group has decades of experience delivering consultancy services to clients from all sectors.


We pride ourselves on delivering efficient and effective consultancy services for projects of all sizes. GSG provides professional service to all our clients. Our worldwide network of consultants ensures clients can obtain the required services for their projects on time.

We have a proven track record of helping clients meet planning proposals and construction deadlines by maintaining the highest standards and quality. Our teams support and drive significant and complex engineering challenges.


We create environments where people with outstanding technical knowledge deliver meaningful, practical solutions.

Green Shift Group is driven by a continuous commitment and dedication to a safer, more transparent, effective, and sustainable future.

Our DNA values interpersonal skills and technical capabilities equally, empowering everyone to be guided by a strong set of human-centric values.


Our commitments to People, Culture, Mission, Vision & Core

The staff from Green Shift Group typically consists of diverse individuals with a common goal of promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This includes employees, consultants, and our supply chain, who are passionate about creating positive change and promoting a greener future.

The culture of a Green Shift Group is centered around the values and beliefs that drive our mission and vision. This includes a focus on environmental protection, social justice, and economic sustainability. The group prioritizes collaboration, innovation, and transparency in our operations.

The mission of a Green Shift Group is to drive the transition toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy. This involves a range of activities such as advocacy, research, education, and investment in green technologies.

The vision of Green Shift Group is a future where the economy operates in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, and where all people have access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

The core values and principles of Green Shift Group include a commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, social justice, and economic prosperity. These values guide all aspects of the group's operations, from the projects they undertake to the way they engage with clients and stakeholders.

External engagements

Interforce logo

Green Shift Group is a member of - and proudly supports InterForce. Interforce is a cooperation between on the one side the Danish private and public sectors and on the other the Armed Forces / Civil Defense. InterForce works towards ensuring understanding and building relations between these two worlds. Denmark needs a robust and flexible armed reserve, home guard, part-time fireman corps, and volunteer coastal rescuer service – something we do under one umbrella name “The Reserve Force”.

To have such an emergency preparedness backup, society needs the aid of the civilian employers of the men and women who take on a dual responsibility: Employer Support to The Reserve Force. More than 2,000 Danish businesses, societies, and other organizations are members of InterForce, thereby publicly stating their support for The Reserve Force.

DSNAME Foundation logo

Green Shift Group is a member of - and proudly supports Skibsteknisk Selskabs Fond (DSNAME Foundation).

The purpose of the Foundation is to support the dissemination of marine technical knowledge, including providing support to individuals who wants to educate themselves in the marine engineering field of study and scientific research or other developments in the marine engineering.

Moreover, the Foundation aims to provide support for social purposes and other purposes related to shipbuilding and shipping. In accordance with its charter, support can be sought within the Foundation's sphere of activity.

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