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What is information vs insights?

The information helps us to observe what is happening, while insights explain why. These business insights help to arrive at decisions and define strategy. Insights dive deeper into data and connect dots that may seem unrelated to shed light on the questions under consideration.

Insights disclaimer

Disclaimer:  The Green Shift Group Insights blog may cover many different aspects of segments and operations. Readers should only act on the basis of any information contained in the blog after referring to applicable laws and regulations and/or with appropriate professional advice. No part of this blog may be reproduced, recast, translated, reformatted, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or use of any information storage and retrieval system, without prior written permission from Green Shift Group. Green Shift Group Insights includes content provided by third parties. The views expressed and/or presented by these third parties are their own and may not represent or reflect the views of Green Shift Group, its management, Board, or members.

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