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Green Shift Group joins InterForce Denmark

Today Green Shift Group (represented by Ulrik Sorensen and Mikkel Elsborg) received the InterForce Shield at a shield ceremony in Kommandantgården at the Citadel in recognition of the InterForce Danmark membership and Ambassadorship.

Sales Director Mikkel Elsborg together with Chairman of InterForce the Capital Region of Denmark Martin Bøge Mikkelsen

The ceremony was held at the Monument for Denmark’s International Effort Since 1948. One wall displays the inscription En tid – Et sted – Et menneske - translated into English: One time – One place – One human. Another space is for the currently deployed personnel – with an eternal flame and inscriptions with names of the conflict and catastrophe areas. The last one is a space of commemoration for the fallen Danish soldiers.

InterForce Danmark is a cooperation between on the one side the Danish private and public sectors and on the other the Armed Forces / the Civil Defense. InterForce works towards ensuring understanding and building relations between these two worlds.

Because something is worth fighting for



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